Thursday, 10 August 2017

Repairs Still Required After Storm Damage Nearly 6 Months Ago - 'whyilovemountdruitt' Face Book Group

When you are a private house owner and you have household insurance to cover and repairs and damage to your own property and claims will be processed within a reasonable amount of time. When you are living in a NSW Housing house and  your insurance is the NSW Housing the application takes time and there maybe no follow up to see if jobs are completed within a reasonable amount of time. I do feel for Ron from our Face Book Group and others that have the same or similar issues to attend with, with NSW Housing.

I know of another matter that I have raised with NSW Housing and then haven't attended for almost 6 years - on another community members property. and as it is an non-urgent matter - I have let go and given up as it would be up to the tenant to take up from now.

Should NSW Housing not provide urgent attention to our NSW Housing tenants. I disagree. Each tenant is a customer and should be  respected as an important customer. I do hope that the Member for Londonderry Prue Car can assist Ron from here on in. Here is the post from our Face Book Page:

March 25th this year . Some of the damage caused by the fallen tree. Here we are August 4 , with a few short visits from contractors we are still in the dark as to if and when our roof will be done. Sydney`s August winds are to be expected. Unsecured roofing materials that could become airborne with little effort and having the potential to decapitate some unfortunate sole. I prey the extreme happens not or the one in authority is willing accept the blame should it happen .

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