Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Opal Card Machine Should 'Flash' A Warning When below $10.00 Balance....

Image result for Opal CardThis is something that I think is important as we have been using the  Sydney Trains Opal Electronic Ticketing machines for a while  now,.

 The other night, I was talking about this with another community member and suddenly the idea came up to myself. It was because the commuter in front of myself (when passing through the electronic barriers at Mount Druitt), when existing the vestibule area, showed an amount less than then $10.00. Now this is not too bad, but if the commuter doesn't watch the machine and just rush through, the ticket will not be able to be used shortly.

So if the commuter had a silent flashing warning on the screen ' Be Aware Your Balance is below $10.00', then the commuter will know that the warning is near and top up immediately.

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