Thursday, 17 August 2017

Not An Excuse Not To Pay At Mount Druitt Train Station....We Need Fair Farers

A local Sydney Trains spokesperson has advised another way fare evaders get caught recently after going through the access gates at Mount Druitt train station.

Mount Druitt Train Station Access Gate
, are all people and when we go to the vestibule area, we see gate/s open (others are closed), our natural instinct is to go through and pass the open gate.  Then, when we do that we obviously forget to do: tap on our Opal card.

Well, the people that actually do that, they change their mind once they cop a hefty fine as to which correct gate they go through after that. When they find out that the Transit Police do a random check on their Opal card, on the actual Sydney Trains and find out that the commuters were not tapping on at Mount Druitt train station.

Then comes the excuse that the barrier gates were open. This excuse is not accepted as a legitimate excuse. Anyone that passes through any barriers must pay their fair share of fares (like the honest people).

The reason why the access gates are left open,  are simply because it prevents little children getting hurt, as they parents enter with prams and toddlers. This barrier is to be used by the elderly, disabled, commuters with cycles, commuters with  heavy and lots of luggage and parents with little children and prams.

So please note that what's fair should be fair and fare payer should be fair in paying fares.

Click here for  NSW Transport Penalties and Fines for fare evasion


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