Saturday, 26 August 2017

Not Worth Assaulting Referee - Especially At Oz-Tag Sports Game

A sportsperson should be a sportsperson - before, during and after the game. That is the  simple thing to say, yet  competitiveness and being the best may bring out the worst from us. Winning is not necessary the best result and losing should be taken in pride by respecting the winners and in return the winners respect the losers.

The ultimate aim in any sport is to win, win and win. Then there is the referees and umpires that regulate the rules on field and  are only as human as us. Not at all time people will respect the umpire's and referees decision, as the end decision is  should be given based on rules not on based on being bias against individuals and teams. You know umpires and referees should be applauded after every game is complete for their  decision, even if there is a slight err of judgement and the players are applauded as they all leave the field. We don't do that.

So what does this all mean, well when emotion takes over and  sportspeople take physical aim at referees or umpires, this is not sportsperson like. Should the players be able to ask questions to a referee or umpire, the answer would be 'Yes' coming for the individual or Team Captain. The most important thing must be the  utmost high regard & respect for players and referee or umpire officials, Then there is  ensuring  every sportsperson keeps to the rules as  the referee and umpire do their job based on rules and their interpretation of them. 

An Oz-Tag player created an incident the other night where  the referee was knocked unconscious. Read on and late us know what you think Click here

I used to be a sportsperson, when I played high school soccer and  my team lost a lost of games. Yes, we were not happy we lost, yet we respected the other beside was better. Referees decision was always listened too and I don't think we ever had 'Yellow or Red Cards' as playing the games a relaxing way to enjoy life. That is what is needed relax as we play games and relax ourselves on decisions made.

 I would like to "Thank' Adelaide Dupont ( From Google Plus community), for recommending this story to our community. If one sportsperson changes and be more sportsperson like, then this story has sent a positive message to our community.

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