Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bus Stop - With Self-Made Garbage - Positive Response From Blacktown City Council

A lot of our posts we publish are acted on straight away and sometimes we receive no response and other times we do. It may depend on the nature of community improvement that needs to be done.

Yet, we are  so pleased, when we receive a quick proactive response, which shows how important our blogspot is to  get our community message across to the right stakeholders.

So  tan email received from a Blacktown City Council Officer, was,
'John, thank you for your enquiry regarding litter around the bus shelter located adjacent to the RAAF Memorial Park (Corner Bulolo Drive and Belmore Road, Mount Druitt). We will monitor the shelter for litter and install a bin if required. Please contact me if you have any questions. Regards.'

This means Council cares and really oblivious to a majority of community members , Council staff and Councillors do a great deal of unseen or unheard of work to  improve our community. A lot of people think their job is easy, we should think hard before we say that.

We would like to congratulate 'Blacktown City Council', for their instant response to this matter.

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