Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Blacktown City Council - Media Release - Pet Perks For Pensioners Pay Off

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8 August 2017

Blacktown City Council has helped hundreds of struggling residents take better care of their pets following a generous program of pet discounts.

Council offered pensioners and low-income owners free pet microchipping and low-cost cat and dog desexing throughout July.

“Thanks to the program, 944 cats and 248 dogs were desexed and microchipped,” Mayor of Blacktown City Stephen Bali said.

“Research shows desexing pets decreases the chances of developing certain types of cancers and infections, while microchipping means lost pets can be easily reunited with their owners.

“Overall, pets will live longer and happier lives thanks to this work.”

The program was a joint initiative of Council, the Office of Local Government and the Animal Welfare League designed to help struggling families and pensioners look after their pets.

Mayor Bali thanked the AWL volunteers and vets who took part in the program.

“The AWL is in urgent need of more support and I encourage people to donate so that volunteers can continue their important work, especially coming into cat breeding season in the next few months,” he said.

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Dr David Burrell and vet nurse Kimberley Eurell-Newell taking part in the desexing program.

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