Monday, 28 August 2017

'Whyilovemountdruitt' Blogspot Reaches Another Milestone, Over 150,000 Visits

Why I created 'Whyilovemountdruitt' blogspot, I really didn't realise how popular it would be. I have people coming to me telling me on stories they liked and asking for feedback.

It is strange to think that this in officially the number 2 community visited website with over 150,000 and the other website is a group website created 5/6 years ago, 'Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Group Inc.', which has over 215,000 visits.

On our current website, we have published posts from a hole in the ground, community improvements and political topics and even have videos promoting candidates for the last Blacktown City Council Elections. We film singers and we film bands, we cover  topics of interest and we inspire to engage our community to engage with our website/ Face Book group and understand what is required to have the required improvements in our growing community.

We even report on Blacktown City Council Finances and provide a summary, promote local business (Free of Charge) and we have tried to communicate with educators in our area, to engage in  stories and  conversation. We have even had local stories  published in our local newspapers and finally have important stake holders , action on published posts that need actioning.
So congratulations to everyone for reading posts, from within Mount Druitt to our global world, to reach over 150,000 visits is a n incredible result and all I can can say is - there is more to come.... 

Celebration Of Over 150,000 Visits/Hits On 'Whyilovemountdruitt' Blogspot

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