Saturday, 30 June 2018

Feed Back On Construction And Cranes Only Get Us So Far – Equity And The State Budget - Western Sydney Community Forum - Mount Druitt Commuters Improvement Inc Face Book Page

This is so true, that when Gpovernment organsisations/ business invite community to organise meetings for the general public, that meetings are normally held during the week, which inconveniences  workers who are working during the week and using public transport. Federal Parliament and State Parliaments are held during  business working hours as well. Maybe comnsideration can be made for that - weekend meetings to cover specific events/topic,especially looking at future improvements:

Paul Hutchinson John Svoboda why are these events always held when people are working.
I went to a transport forum on Saturday so that working people who are the majority of users could attend.
Having these events in a weekday reduces the sample population who would have a great input into the current issues facing Western Sydney.

Construction and Cranes also has a flow onto other business sectors.
If we manufactured more in Australia the flow on effects would be even greater, with greater benefits to the nation. 

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