Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Rumour From A Community Member... William Mason Reserve To be Changed.....

This is a 'third person' rumour, meaning that it was mentioned to a community member in North Mount Druitt  and that community member mentioned to myself. Maybe we can get this rumour confirmed  as true or false, by a Blacktown City Council officer as this is where the information apparently came from.

So the 'Third person' rumour was that William Mason Reserve, North Mount Druitt has been sold by Blacktown City Council and will be changed to a major shopping Centre. It has been approved to be developed by financial developers, as competition to Westfield Mount Druitt.

Now, this is a major Reserve in the heart of North Mount Druitt, that needs to be retained in the area as it is used by our local community, quite regularly for exercise, fitness and just walking around the area.

If it is not true, then we just need to ask proof from people that are possibly creating rumours, which are not facts. At this stage, we will check with Blacktown City Council, via this published post to see if what has been rumoured is true or not. Let's get our minds cleared.

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