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Mount Druitt Reconcilliation Day Shines 20 Years On......

Uncle Wes and Community

For 20 years Mount Druitt has held the historical Reconciliation Walk at Mount Druitt Town Square, which recognises our 
traditional land owners and their elders, in our beautiful country., Australia. It is with our indigenous people's assistance that our communities have grown to what and where we are today. Our 'Thank you' day.

We should'nt lose our own original culture as people from other countries and cultures move into our lovely Mount Druitt community, where people care.

The beaut thing about the Mount Druitt Reconciliation Walk, it is organised by both Indigenous and non-indigenous community members, who have the compassion to make this day successful. Todays event  was looked at as a 'Cancelled Event' with the rains coming in the morning, but as I always say, 'God works in mysterious ways'. The sun shined throughout the day from 10am onwards and funny enough I remember that has happened for one or two years before.

There were plenty of community store open  to showcase  what they do to help out our communities, as follows:

Ability Links NSW program works with people with a disability, their  families and carers to bring true inclusion in community life.

Contact details:
Uniting Ability Links
02 8830 0768   

Another Stall was Headspace:

Headspace Mount Druitt supports 12 to 25 year olds  or your friends going a hard time: general health, mental and  wellbeing, work, school and study and alcohol and other drug services.
Their main advice (in short) is look after your physical health, get organised, stay social and ASK FOR HELP

Headspace is a National Youth Health Foundation and you can contact them at Mount Druitt at 02 8887 5600

Another stall was my friend Esky from Streets University Mount Druitt -

This group is assisting the youths off the street, giving them an opportunity to place  an importance of growing and offering support with various activities.
 Click here for the Mount Druitt Streets University

And there is Amnesty International:

An international organisation in recognising human rights with all laws  passed by all governments, ensuring that each individual life  maintains their right for life in each country.

Here I met Samantha who  knew of 'whyilovemountdruitt' website and was so excited to meet myself. That was exciting as she was fascinated with the posts being published. I need more audience like this!

Contact: 1300 300 920
Next 2 stalls you had to write words of what 'Reconciliation' means to myself. Yes I did that and stuck it on the Aboriginal flag.

And there was a game of knowing Australian important aboriginal people. I got it wrong.

And then there was TATU an aboriginal group from Redfern, looking to move into Mount Druitt called 'Talking About Tobacco Use'. They are  looking at reducing the tobacco smoking from within their aboriginal community. I think even every Australian should be giving up tobacco smoking - just an opinion.

Call an Aboriginal Quitline Councillor: 137848

There was the Sydney Story Factory:

Changing the lives of marginalised young people, one story at a time.

 Other stalls was creative work for  children, WSI Aboriginal Education and Training Unit, Mount Druitt TAFE, the "hand painted sheet" that will be carried around next year's reconciliation walk.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Allan Bleasedale in attendance

And NSW State Member for Londonderry, Prue Car
Thank you to all the organisers for making it a special day. I did my duty in serving the  lunch free to the community and enjoyed that.

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