Thursday, 20 February 2014

Westfield Mount Druitt Sign Sends Mixed Message - Health And Saftey For The Community

Again, on behalf of the community, I am taking to task to seek an improvement in Mount Druitt Westfield, North entrance at Coles.

A lot of community members have seen it but do not want to raise the issue for fear of negativism from local authorities. Fear not,  I will do my best to get Mount Druitt on the 'Good Map' of improvement and make Council realise that we have our own independent issues

Her is  a sign asking for pedestrian to share the Westfield road which can cause potential accidents and death if fast cars are travelling into the road from the intersection before the sign. Look there is a very narrow path not even a pedestrian can walk on it.
 I will seek Council's support to get this  improved as well as other improvements, seen by myself and  by other community members.

Yes there is ramp further ahead (on the left hand side),but there isn't a specific clearance  way to get to the ramp, except through a parking lot, where at general times can be hectic.

I will keep you up to date when  there is a resolution!

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