Thursday, 20 February 2014

Westfield Mount Druitt Ramp Inaccessible For Wheelchair Community

We are in the golden age of high technology, growing urban shopping hub in Mount Druitt as we change our directing of not providing community members  all areas of public access, to and from shopping centres.

If shopping centres deny access to certain community members or provide inadequate access to  any community members, then we are not in the golden age. 

Here we have an established well known Westfield Shopping Centre in Mount Druitt denying access to wheelchair commuters in a ramp on the north entrance outside of Rashay's, near Coles Entrance.

yes , we are behind the times  but don't worry I will hold the banner of community improvement and  use the e-mails to get what  is needed by the community.  It will be well money spent by Westfield Mount Druitt Management preventing possible future lawsuits.

Let see  how quick this will be attended too by the relevant authorities. I will keep you posted.

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