Thursday, 20 February 2014

William Mason Reserve - Cracks Appearing - Dangerous For Cyclists in Mount Druitt!

William Reserve Mount Druitt, is a joggers paradise when it comes to footpaths and tracks, except after  lengthy long periods of time there appears something that is being neglected  by local authorities

It is so simple that sometimes you will find patched up parts of the track/path. Maybe it is a band aid to heal the issue - but other cracks appear. I'm sure whilst referring to Council,  the inspector checking the site may want to look at deferring any improvement  and push it to the  awaiting projects pile (usually sourcing funds for it).

This can cause a health and safety issue to the community who jog, run, walk and cycle around the park. We are seeking Council to act on this  and see what they do to prevent  any future possible issues.

As this section is part of the William mason Reserve is important and less promoted, as  part of the bike plan paths on Blacktown City Council (locate on our other links). I feel that  whilst Blacktown  City Council (it its own way) promote their bike plans - they should not promote it, if it not regularly maintained and checked listed.

I will provide you with updates as we hear from Council.

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