Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Westfield Mount Druitt Car Park - Rocks Left On The Ground!

Concrete rocks left on the ground at Mount Druitt - has been there a week or so where concrete rocks are left on the  ground, in the middle of the car park.

What would happen if a car had an accident, would the  insurance company pay the claim or  Westfield Mount Druitt pay the claim? Who is liable.

Understanding that it may not have been anyone involved in Westfield Mount Druitt leaving the concrete rock on the ground, how often do they inspect the car park. I understand that Westfield Mount i a major shopping Centre, within the  area of Mount Druitt and receives a great reputation for shopping, but this reputation is dampened if these rocks (laying there for a week or so) , have not been identified by the Westfield relevant authorities. Westfield can search and see where it is in their car park!

I  have e-mailed the General Manager of Blacktown City Council, requesting for a response.

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