Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mount Druitt Community Gets Another Win - Blacktown Council Responds Positively!

On previous blogs, I have advised how we are informing the community of improvements that have been neglected in the past. I can now report that what I love about Mount Druitt is that  local Government authorities are holding their head high and taking responsible action. Here is the e-mail received from Council's Engineer:

Hello John,

I refer to your recent correspondence regarding the condition of the pathway located in William Mason Reserve.

I am pleased to advise that this project is currently listed in Council’s Works Improvement Program for future funding consideration at an estimated cost of $44,000.  At this point in time I cannot advise you when funds will be allocated for this particular project.  All listed projects are prioritised and reassessed on an annual basis for funding consideration. 

Council’s Civil and Open Space Maintenance Section also undertook a site inspection which revealed that some sections of the existing pathway presented a safety hazard and required restoration work and as such, a works order has been issued to fix up these identified areas

Should you require any further information regarding this matter, please contact myself on the details below.

Kind Regards

(Name Omitted)

This indicates that one person can make a change without a verbal word said to the authorities. Even Council has recognised that the path is a Safety Hazard - Let's see how the  WIP (Work In Progress) take to provide  a much needed upgrade. I must say that it also took our local State Member for Mount Druitt, Richard Amery to assist us in getting this park upgraded.

The thing that attract myself to help the community, is 'Caring for the Community'. How can Mount Druitt be one of the best places in Sydney and NSW unless we provide necessary improvements. I call on the local community to bring on more improvement require within Mount Druitt, especially pictures - pictures says more then words.

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