Wednesday, 19 February 2014

What I love About Mount Druitt...

What I love about Mount Druitt is everything. 

  What makes Mount Druitt a great place to live in , is all 

 the people that make it Mount Druitt:

 Community activists, local Councillors that are 

 looking after the interests of local residents no

 matter what side of politics they are on, local 

 shopping Hubs like Plumpton, Mount Druitt, Emerton

 and sometime the local suburban shops.

  I also like the amenities

 we have like updated

 libraries, open grounds

 like Whalan Reserve -

 which could be

 promoted as a major

 sporting hub for

 Blacktown City council. I also like the history that 

 has come to Mount Druitt before I arrived here 

 almost 24 years ago. People made history of what 

 we are today and how Mount Druitt is today.


 I also like that the teenage children, who seem to

 be more independent until they are released into

 the the world of 'living expenses', obtaining

 jobs,having peer groups of friends that keep them

 attached and in touch with the real world. A lot of

 them will have their own fun and still love their 



 The people that come from different backgrounds:

 war torn countries, leaving immediate families 

 behind, starting a new life. The people that have

 lived there main lives in Mount Druitt and have seen 

 the changes and the majority of the older generation

 that migrated from North Shore and Eastern and

 Southern Sydney.

 I love each person and I know that great character

 of real people that know Mount Druitt is a great

 place to live in.

 Mount Druitt is changing from a place that didn't 

 have a high reputation or population for a good 

 standard of living, it has changed to a growing 

 major population hub that people want to live in for 

 its low  and affordable rental and  property market 

 within Sydney and the Greater Western Sydney.


 I will go out my way to promote the 

 good changes that need to occur and the good

 people we have in the area as people come to me

 and talk to me. I want to learn how other 

 community people love the area and how there is a

 connection somewhere that makes us live in our

 great community, together.

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