Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Follow Up To Improvements Required On Concerning The Upgrade Of Paths/Track At William Mason Reserve Mount Druitt

Further report  from the  please story provides to you, on the issues provided to joggers, walkers and cyclists, that need to be attended too on William Mason Reserve, Mount Druitt.

This afternoon I spoke to Mark from the  Mount local area who  says the track that is at William Mason Reserve is not comfortable on his feet when jogging. He wasn't aware that was another walking track  in Ward 5, RAAF Memorial Park, alongside Woodstock Road Mount Druitt that has great  walking and jogging tracks ( that I have even used).

mark suggested that as a lot of  people use the park for fitness and recreation the path needs to be changed and made similar to the RAAF Memorial Park in Mount Druitt. I advised him  that I will take care of it  and advocate for improvements in all areas of Mount Druitt that require it. He was please about this and will spread the word of our  new community website.

Furthermore Richard Amery, NSW Member for Mount Druitt has made personal  representations to  Mr Kerry Robinson, General Manager of Blacktown City Council asking for the matter to be raised and  investigated. Thank you Richard!

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