Sunday, 23 February 2014

What If Mount Druitt Suburb Names Changed Slightly...

We have many suburbs that have had a great history to its name in and around Mount Druitt. Not putting that aside, do we need to look at the future to provide a  slightly change of name that will provide maybe a  better image then  that is  perceived by others outside the area.

What I love about Mount Druitt, is that we can change ourselves to fit with the outer community, we have history and we have a lot of worldly culture living  in our suburbs. So  would you agree to slight changes of names to provide  a better image of  the area?

Here are some examples:

Mount Druitt  to Mount Druitt North - north of the railway line -                                Mount Druitt Village - south of the railway line,
Emerton             to Emertonville - it has a village shopping center
Dharruk             to  Dharrukgrove
Shalvey              to Shalvey Cove
Bidwill               to Bidwill Gardens - this was what it was supposed
                                                            to be called originally
Colyton              to Colyton Springs
Tregear               to Tregear Hills
Blackett              to Blackett Point
Willmot               to Willmot Willows
Whalan                to Whalan Heights
Minchinbury        to Minchinbury Vines
Lethbridge Park   to Lethbridge Park Hill
Hebersham           to Hebersham Homestead
Rooty Hill             to Rooty Hill Outlook
 Ropes Crossing    to Ropes Crossing Ridge

If you have  better names for the above suburbs, let me know  and can add it on and  advise the community. Then knock on the door of your local Councillor to give your suggestion.

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