Monday, 5 June 2017

Smokers Puff Their Way To Fitness......Rooty Hill RSL Car Park

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Last week I was  walking through the Rooty Hill RSL Multi-Storey car park , towards North Parade  making my way to The SGAC, when a few young men were swearing and  smoking their way in front of my face.

Image result for no smoking signsI ended up to be a passive smoker, coping the smoke. My concern was the Rooty Hill RSL Multistorey Car Park is for members of the RSL using the SGAC Gymnastic Centre or Gym.

If they are promoting health and fitness within Rooty Hill RSL, I feel there should be a total smoking ban within the complex and compound.

Image result for rooty Hill RSL car parkAlthough I have reported the incident to the SGAC official as a feed back, I recommend complete banning of smokes within the car park. I was informed that there are designated smoking areas within the car park. I don't think the designated areas are on the higher levels of the car park, actually in the  drive way of  cars passing by.

In actual fact there are no visible 'Non-smoking signs' all around Rooty Hill Car Park and promoting a health and gym club doesn't really stick if people are allowed to smoke near or outside the Gym. Let's hope there can be some action done on this.

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