Thursday, 22 June 2017

Important Feed Back Required From US - NSW IPART On Rural and Regional Bus Fares Sought 1/1/2018

We are getting a public transport fare increase regulated by NSW IPART* on the 1st July 2017. Click here for details To add to it, NSW IPART is reviewing  Public Transport Fares and seeking public submission, within the next week.

So this is a chance for you to have your say. They have a survey  for you to complete or  provide a submission.

Click here to make submission to NSW IPART on Public Transport Fares

Most important Factor is:
Planning framework for public transport services in regional areas
The Government’s planning framework for providing public transport services comprises five elements:  

  • NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan,(a) which sets a 20-year framework for the NSW Government to deliver an integrated, modern transport system that puts the customer first and identifies key transport challenges facing regional NSW.  
  • Regional Transport Plans,(b)  which provide a strategic direction for the delivery of transport infrastructure and services in 10 regions across NSW over the next 20 years.  Informed by local input, the plans outline a package of actions to address the specific challenges of each region.  
  • Public Transport Service Planning Guidelines for Rural and Regional NSW,(c) which provide for short and medium term service planning by Transport for NSW across government funded bus, coach and train services.  
  • Rural and Regional Passenger Transport Servicing Principles,(d) which inform improvements to services and ensure that service planning meets the changing travel needs of customers.  The servicing principles are access, flexibility, connectivity, legibility, timeliness, information provision and efficiency.   Guidelines for Public Transport Service Planning,(e) which support the planning and development of public transport services and focus on four key areas – service capacity, service coverage, service provision and service performance.
 This is my answer to the survey they ask you to complete for question 10:

Within Mount Druitt, we required 100% air-conditioned buses for summer and heated for winter also we should not be paying for increased fares when all, when we do not have early and late bus services on weekends and also limited services, early in the morning and late at night during the week. We do not need more commuter car parks, we need more efficient timed bus services in peak times, that encourages commuters to catch buses. Lack of such mentioned services should be mean reduced fares.  We should be paying fares based on services provided compared to Eastern suburbs and North Shore suburbs.

*NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal

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