Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Opal Fares Unfrozen Again Due To CPI Increase - Will They Ever Go Down If CPI Decteases?

Image result for opal card logoSo, after the Opal electronic public transport ticketing system was launched, we have had only one fare increase.

Image result for nsw ipart logoNow we are facing another fare increase starting as from 1st July 2017 based on CPI (Consumer Price Index) increase. Which makes it easy to raise fares up from NSW IPART (Independent Pricing And Regulatory Tribunal.

Although a majority of fares have been frozen until July 2017, since May 2015.

A 2.4 percent increase will be made across the board an no free services after 8 trips as origunally promoted, that launched the Opal Electronic ticketing system

My question is when the CPI decreases, will public train and bus fares decrease in line with the CPI decreases? It doesn't matter which Government is in, you never hear of transport fares decreasing. You hear of  transport fares freezing, to lengthen the time of when fares increase. Businesses are saying the more the consumer uses the product or service, the more competitive price.

So with more train and buses public transport users that means less it should be less costs to public transport commuter users.

According  to the Australian CPI to March Quarter 2017 is actually increase of 2.1%  not 2.4% Click here from ABS figures.  So really the fares are being overcharged to us by 0.3%. I don't understand where NSW IPART get their figures from.

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