Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Way I see It... Immigrants $90M Payout On Manus Island Detainees

Ok, after reading this heading you are going to say, 'What does thus have to do with us in Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs?'

Historically, in one way or another we ha ve mostly originated from other countries and in Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs we currently ha imkigrants seeking to be Resudents and then Naturalised Australians.

Even myself, I say and am proud to say, 'I'm a proud 1st generation Australian and my childre n are 2nd generation Australians and so on.'

People that migrate to Australia usually come through legal channels and arruve by plane here. They want to enjoy the Australian as they come from all over the world. Our population increase of  approximately 348,000 click here for details does not allow us to stop people coming in. Obviously, we want the right people to live in our country, find work, purchase a home and have a family.

That is up to each individual, who enter our country how comfortable they feel in our country. No one can tell a person moods, emotions and feeling will change. We wish all the best to all new Australians: born or migrating to live permanently within Australia, to be successful within their own life with the support provided to them through their life. We should offer as much support to them, so they are proud Australian like us, like myself.

One thing, we want our new Australians to do is preach love, happiness, to families and friends. Also to enjoy the fruits of our country, sights, improve the way we all live, vote at elections, be elected and so on.

We also ask them to  bring peace, not wars into our country, themselves, neighbours, friends and family. We ask they act as within each human has and live in harmony with each other for ever.

So, providing this description of  how I think immigrants should be in Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Mount Druitt and my home is simply: I celebrate their existence in making our country stronger and better. We have the land to accommodate them and  more immigrants.

Now, in relation to the recent court decision to award the detainees at Manus Island compensation of $90M to 1905 men and women staying at Manus Island  Click here for details, seems a fare result, although $20M to Lawyers is a lot of money. The fault of leaving so called 'Boat people' lies with current and previous national governments.

The process for detaining  immigrants that come to Australia via boat seems longer then they arrive by plane. We need to process each application but not place in confinement-style prisons. Personally, small townships can be provided, so they are trained and qualified to work with village style houses and within 3 months their application is accepted or declined.

Even though the compensation amount of $36,000 per person is provided it is a small amount that could go a long way, in establishing they life within Australia, once granted an entry visa and able to start life. By doing this, they will be able to start work and then be in a position to paying taxes like we do and eventually, their taxes will  pay back to our Government over $36,000 over  years.

They then would have paid back to the Australian government. So, in other words, they will be a great asset to our country. That is how life goes.  Maybe the Lawyers can place $5M aside to  provide assistance to speed up  the detainees process for applications or  better residential places for the detaimnees.

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