Friday, 9 June 2017

We, In Blacktown City Council LGA Require A Hard Copy Cycyling Map & Promotional Video

We are a fast growing Local Government area, in Blacktown City Council and as we grow, we become a more specialised area for local community areas and tourists. This is especially true when we share with other 'Sister Cities' around the world.

Our onsite Bike Plan May of 2016 is just a map with lines - not indicating exact streets, roads, highways. Sometimes you have to guess which street the  existing shared cycle ways are going.  A hard copy Blacktown Cycle Maps , should be issued every year, including updates and upgrades of new cycle ways or proposed cycle ways.

Inclusive, it should include cycle safety details:  ensuring maintenance and safety lights of bicycles and  dress safety as well - any NSW laws and bi-laws that promote a heath and safety bike/cycle ride. This can be even shown on a Ward by Ward Basis and we can even named cycle routes and listed cycle routes as well.

Sydney City Council, smaller City Council than us, issues a Cycle/bike maps to its business and community  members and we are a larger City Council. To add to this a promotional video could be included to promote  within our own City and to the greater world, including our sister cities.

We hope that the  Blacktown City Council Transport/Traffic Department, its officers and Councillors, place this into important consideration to promote a great City of Blacktown and  to our people of Mount Druitt and surrounding suburbs.

This is the information on Blacktown's website:

Using Bicycles in Blacktown

Bike paths and Cycleways

Riding a bike is a great way to keep fit, enjoy the great outdoors and see many of the sights around the local area. Blacktown City Council is dedicated to providing a network of off-road cycling tracks and making on-road cycling safer. These cycleways help our residents enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

When cycling, remember to wear a helmet, give way to pedestrians and obey the road rules.
For your own safety, your bike should be fitted with a bell or warning device; and white front and red rear end reflectors. At night, you must use a headlight and tail light, and wear reflective clothing.
The Blacktown Bike Plan has been created to help cyclists move around the area.  Download a copy here Blacktown Bike Plan 2016

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