Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Busways 75 Years Of History From Rowes Bus Service Needs Help To Celebrate...

It is good to have Busways invite to our community, provide memories, experiences and anecdotes of stories that help them make  Busways what it is today. Considering they started as Rowes Bus Services (for the commuters that didn't know)..... this could be a challenge, but is an open opportunity for all of us,  to provide your input.

I encourage any interest commuters within and surrounding Mount Druitt and any historical groups, to add their  successful history to them.

Click here for pictures of old buses Plumpton and Rooty Hill Train station

Help us bring 75 years of Busways' history to life


Busways is about to celebrate a significant milestone – and we need your help.

In October, we will mark 75 years of Busways service. To help us mark this occasion, we would love to hear from local community members who have worked with us, been employed by Busways or have recollections of using our services – either recent or decades old.

We want to hear from the people that supported us in our early years and continue to help us be a success today.

Your stories will form part of an interactive website being created to celebrate Busways 75
th anniversary.

We want everyone who has been involved with Busways to have an opportunity to share their memories, experiences and anecdotes. Your stories will help us acknowledge those who have played a key role in Busways, while also celebrating the ongoing service Busways continues to be proud to provide to our communities across New South Wales.

Got something to share? Fantastic! Please email us at

Be sure to include your contact details so we can acknowledge your contribution.  


Kazzafromoz said...

II had many wonderful memories with Rowes bus service at Plumpton.I went to Plumpton Primary School with all the Rowes children. So many great memories of waiting for one of the two buses available to get to School . There was the one from the Plumpton side and then the other was what we called the late bus for the kids from the Blacktown side. My mother would get the School bus to Rooty Hill station to go do her shopping in Blacktown, then would get a cab home.

Unknown said...

In the good old days of the 70's, my family used to catch the bus from Luxford Road in Whalan to either Mt Druitt (if we were going to catch a train or do shopping at the Great western)or Blacktown )before Westpoint or regular train services). The highlight for me was the bus passing the old pig farms on Richmond Road at Plumpton - pig farms in suburbia? Mind blown.