Sunday, 30 July 2017

Westfield Mount Druitt Security Assist With On Site Car Accident Incident - Great Work

It is amazing how a local community member had told myself of an incident that happened in the car park of Westfield Mount Druitt, the other day.

It happened yesteray just after 5pm, whete the community member was entering into Westfield, Mount Druitt after heading straight passed the round about. The lady driver hrard a big 'bang'. She thought she hit a gutter and carried on driving.

Then another lady driver tried to get attention and the lady infront stopped her car, not knowing what has happened. The lady driver behind caught up with the other lady and explained what she had witnessed. She witnessed another lady driver entering left into the round about, just and hit the rear passenger side of the first ladies car. The witness lady took a photograph and noticed the lady just didn't stop , parked her car and went shopping.

So witnessed lady provided her details as a witness. The first lady picked up her husband at Mount Druitt train station and then returned to where the lady that caused the accident, car was parked.

Westfield Management were immediately contacted and their security attended straight away. He assisted when the lady that caused the accident returned to her car and was confronted with what she did. The elderly lady knew what she did before and felt embarrassed. She thought the firsty car was a write off. It was small damages on both cars but noticeable.

So, the Westfield Security officer advised that he would complete an incident report to assist Police and insurance companies. It is pleasing that Westfield provide their Security making it easy to deal  and resolve accident issues that occur on site.

The lady that caused the accident provided her contact details quite easily as she had seen the damages to her car and the only lady.

So this community lady that had the accident thanked the lady and security offer with their assistance. So, we need to recognise the contribution provided by Westfield for their security, it was very much welcomed.

I would like to also make a couple recommendations to Westfield Management, Mount Druitt that may be helpful with accidents at it's three roundabouts based  near the entrances of Luxford Road, Carlisle Avenue and North Parade:
  • Turn left wire care signs place  on the left side of intersections, before anyone enters the intersection, like so:
Image result for turn left with care

  • Video cameras a near or at this intersections, which can encapture and  video footage require for NSW Police or insurance companies to resolve disputes

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